Delivery to Customer

Delivery area - all Russia

Your eCommerce business gets single gateway to all possible delivery methods and may service customers across the whole Russia.

Cash-on-Delivery - all Russia

All payments collected are transfered to your bank account based on the agreed schedule (including daily). All payments are identified (zero unapplied cash). Your Customer gets all documents required by Law - chack and invoice, where the invoice may be fully customized for your company or brand i.e. may contain your logo, special text, return policies, your promo offers etc. This invoice printing cost is already included into our delivery tariffs!

Courier delivery

Courier delivery covers over 60 major Russia regions, over 80% urban households plus selected rural areas. We assure high service standards and KPI across the whole delivery area. Courier delivery in Russia doesn't work without prior call to a Customer because for the greatest majority of addresses a parcel cannot be simply dropped without meeting with the Customer. We assure high call reach ratio by using our own Call center specialized on delivery calls combined with SMS and Email communication channels.

Parcel shops (pick-up points)

We provide your Customers to receive their parcels in our parcel shops in over 50 major cities of Russia.

Terminals (24/7 parcel stations)

Customers may get their orders in automatic 24/7 parcel terminals in Moscow and the region.

Gateway to Russian Post

Areas not covered by courier delivery may be serviced via the Russian Post. Also, the Post offers unbeatable tariffs to some remote settlements even if courier delivery to these areas is possible. Your online shop may quickly get access to the Post delivery channel via gateway solution provided by This gateway allows to use Post as easy as courier delivery and parcel shops. B2Cpl will make specific postal preparations, including printing of postal forms and other supplementary docs, will deliver parcels to the Central Sorting Center of the Russian Post, will track the parcel and notify your Customer when the parcel reaches local postal office to minimize returns. Also B2Cpl will provide your online shop with payment details (zero unapplied cash) and returns details.

Fitting, Try-before-You-Pay and Partial return

Your online shop may use free option "Fitting and Testing". With this option turned ON your Customer will have right to open the parcel, verify all goods, including fitting (for clothes and footwear) and testing (electronics and gadgets). This option is possible for Courier delivery and Parcel shops. In addition, for Moscow and Saint Peterburg cities we offer "Partial Return" option, where a Customer may take not only the parcel as a whole, but only selected items from the parcel. These options may be turned ON-OFF for all your parcels or for selected brands or item categories.

SMS track and trace

All Customers are sent text (SMS) with unique parcel ID immediately after we receive the parcel from online shop. This parcel ID may be used to track & trace the parcel online.

Track & Trace

Our online tracking web service (stands for "Where_Is_My_Order") exceeds all known tracking services in user features.Your customer will monitor not only standard delivery phases but also communication details which are very important in Russia - such as all call attempts and alerts. In addition, a Customer may contact our Delivery Service not only by calling our Hotline (7 days/week) but also use a feedback form on our tracking website.

IT integration

Modules for popular CMS engines (including 1C-Bitrix, OpenCart and InSales). API: area-based delivery options selection, delivery tariff/term calculator (including postal parcels) and other helpful features. Transaction flow - ftp, https, vpn, csv, dbf, mdb, xls, xml. Transaction flow may be scheduled / condition-based / background. From web-interface order upload to fully automated data/status exchange for high-volume online shops.

We offer all delivery methods in a single gateway.
Your online store will immediately support all possible delivery methods existing in Russia - Courier delivery, Parcel shops, automatic Terminals, and Russian Post - all this with a single effort and for the lowest tariffs in the market.

As a result, in terms of delivery service your business will be ahead of most of competitors.