Online shop IT integration

Full integration with Online shop's database

Fully automated 7*24*365 shipment upload directly from your DB/FTP, customized for your online shop.

Simple integration with Online shop via web interface

Full reporting, monitoring transaction and paperwork flow at your fingertips. Quick start to deliver your parcels across Russia.
Step 1:Contact us, describe your parcels (size and weight category) and approximate quantities. Let us better understand your needs.
+7 (495)781 43 81
Step 2: Sign the Agreement.
Step 3: We provide you with login to our web interface, agree on process workflow, file formats and timetable for parcel pick-up from your office/warehouse.
Step 4: You may upload shipments via web interface, get PDF with our sticky labes and attach labels to your parcels. B2C will deliver these parcels to your customers and collect payments.